this video sUPERED is “playing rocks in my pillow” in his studio (S.E.X.S.S.) oct. 2006 there is a delay on this video (updated DEC.31 2021)

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six. babies / soon they will visit this- website .and learn the facts of  life  ….. 

who ever reads this how is it going in cyber space ..,./ sUPERED here..,./ our system is officially  open to the internet starting today july 2 3;23pm est 2021..,./ so here is our internet phone number 1-267-496-3889 calls will be answered  from 8;00am to 7;00pm e.s.t. ..,./ so if you want to talk to me call me ..,./ thats all for now by love sUPERED IIIIII111111IIIIIIsUPERED 7221sUPERED  

a wonderful place


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sUPERED mug shot 2014
costow in thought 


donnies a wanted man

sUPEREDS homepage thursday jan. 27 2022  .,./267[/[/496.,/3889,,.,.,.,.,.,,b.🔴⚪🔵,.0./.,6.,5.,3,.. 

😀🥲🙂 t 🥰🤣🤩o 😏😉😆 0😄😚😍   the many faces of life 



“eddies’prayer” (short audio version) time 2:18 …below is link to the long video versiOn of eddies’prayer time 8.18

  a quote from a happy wise pers0n.,./  “live happy die happy do not let anyone’s fears become your reality let’s not let the germophobic  take over the world fight the virus do not hide from it” 

..wordS of De day…/:/:/:.  .. Velocity is parallel to the negative receptive      … … jan272022/:/:/: