sUPERED is a floating cloud of creativity

2+3+3+1+1-1=10    (0)   circles ,a movin round …,…,,..,..,,.,,,..00o0.,.,…..,,..,.,…,.,..,.,,,

..,.,.,,.,.,,.,.,.this video sUPERED is “playing rocks in my pillow” in his studio(S.E.X.S.S.) oct. 2006  (updated DEC.31 2022)  hear sUPERED rock

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 click the blue dots below and visit   a website that has free speech as its top  priority       and hear “sUPERED talk politics” have fun .,./                  .,,,,,,.,.,…,,..,..,…,,..,..,.,.,.,…,,.,.,.,,,….,…,..,..,.,.,.,,,,….,.,.,,………………..‍☠………,,………………………,,,,,,,,.,,.,.,…,,,,…,,,,..,,,……  (copy and paste) and checkout this cool website

∇some good words to put into our minds 1.5.23 some good words to put into our minds 1523

sp00ky sUPERED  1.5.23

goofy sUPERED  1.5.23

hamsome sUPERED  1.5.23killer sUPERED  1.9.23

sUPERED mug shot oct.14 2022
sUPERED mug shot oct.14 2022

sUPEREDS  strange spooky  weird video made for phillycam .org oct.2022 ✨


six babies soon they will visit this website and learn the facts of life update 62323

sUPEREDS bad haircut
sUPEREDS bad haircut

who ever reads this how is it going in cyber space ..,./ sUPERED here..,./ our system is officially  open to the internet starting today july 2 3;23pm est 2021..,./ so here is our internet phone number 1-267 901 5221  (THIS A NEW PHONE NUMBER) calls will be answered  from 8;00am to 7;00pm e.s.t. ..,./ so if you want to talk to me call me ..,./ thats all for now by love sUPERED IIIIII111111IIIIIIsUPERED 7221sUPERED  ,.,,,,,,…updated 5.14.23

a wonderful place                                                                                                                                                 

.  see “sUPEREDS a wanted man”GOOD NEWS for sUPERED fans.,./ sUPERED has a time spot on phillycam tv in phila every late sunday night (not monday) 12:01 am est to 12:30am est  here is a link to the tv schedule    look for sUPEREDSsurrealgongmusic (yes that is 1 word)  in the tv schedule        this months video sept. 2023 the title of the show is “sUPERED a wanted man” you will see short 5 to 10 second clips from some of sUPEREDS 750 videos that are out there on the internet then ya will see some of sUPEREDS fans talk nice about him  thats all for now by love sUPERED  IIIIII111111IIIIIIsUPERED 82823sUPERED  updated aug.28 2023

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sUPERED mug shot 2014                       
costow in thought                                                 


  donnys a wanted man                                                             

sUPEREDS / homepage red  monday sept.25  2023/  267 901 5221                        ✨✨✨           GOOD NEWS for sUPERED fans sUPERED has a time spot on phillycam tv in phila here is the link to the tv Schedule  look for  sUPEREDSsurrealgongmusic (yes that is 1 word) on mondays 12:01am est to 12:30am est     cRazy as we NEED to be //the daily emojis      😙😗😚          🧍🧍🧍                333333333333                                                                                 WHO IS TAKIN OUR FACES OF LIFE        😀😗😉🙂🥲😁🤣🤩😍🥰☺️😌🥳 😤  🙁  😏 😶 🥹 🤬  🤔                                                                                                            0o0oi1oOO111oO1/Io00oIoIo\0,0/i  th0se thAt haCk shAll be haCked

“eddies’prayer” (short audio version) time 2.19                  LIVE HAPPY die happy do not let anyone’s fears become your reality let’s not let the germophobic  take over the world fight the virus do not hide from it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “””                              ,,<,,,,25>..               WORDS for de day…  new keys for every 1

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