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six. babies / soon they will visit this- website .and learn the facts of  life  ….. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page 

having copyright issues with vimeO.,had to upload 4 videos from my master files to make a present on there website..,./   sad turn of events.,./ .we had over 300  videos on there website .. there are no longer on there webite ..,.vimeo has sold out to bigboys in hollywood 71519..updated 41120

a wonderful place

     6 FRIENDS BROWN 6                   7 WORDS BLACK 7                                                                                             8 TECH PURPLE 8                                0 MONEY PINK 0                               3 VIDEO YELLOW 3                            2 LINKS BLUE 2                                                                  sUPERED a wanted man    



               4 AUDIO GREEN 4    

            5 PICTURES WHITE 5    9 THE BEST 9 ORANGE

sUPERED mug shot 2014
costow in thought vwdonnie


donnie a wanted man

sUPERED- homepage1  red  friday jan.22 2020


“eddies’prayer” (short audio version) time 2:18 …below is link to the long video versiOn of eddies’prayer time 8.18



wordS of De day…smooth sailing for everyone    I222I





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